Hedonism gets a bad rep. But it's my personal philosophy. I think I summarized it really well in this little passage:

In response to someone saying their writing was meaningless

Isn't everything, in the end?
We exist for a mere microsecond on a cosmic scale, and are remembered for little more
How many people do you know from ancient egypt? Like 1 or 2, out of millions. Odds are you'll be forgotten and insignificant.
So have fun! Do what you want! Make your life mean something to you and those you love.
Maximize for your pleasure while minimizing others suffering!
So if your writing is meaningless, who cares? You had fun writing it!
Others enjoyed reading it! It was good!
I personally call this approach to life Hedonistic Nihilism, which is just really
fun to say, and a great philosophy if I do say so myself.

Extra bits:

I personnally get really happy seeing other people happy, so if you don't, maybe try something other than hedonism, as you might hurt people.


Now, of course, you have to be careful. Even if taking a drug would maximize happiness now, over the long term it won't help. Same for STDs.

But, if done right, you get to have a really happy life!

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