Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, aka. my superpower and curse.

ADHD is something I have struggled with since I was a small child, at least if my parents are to trust (which I think they are).

ADHD has 2 types defined in the DSM (Diganostic and Statistic Manual, basically the book on mental illness):

This is the one I have the most experience with, as I have it. It is characterized by a lack of attention to detail that doesnt seem like it matters, as well as horrible short term memory for tasks.
Charcterized by the typical fidgeting and impulsiveness that can seem childish at first, but is infact a very important symptom of ADHD.
This has both Hyperactive-Impulsive symptoms and Inattentive ones! I have a couple of friends who are Combined Presentation, and they describe it as a horrible mix of not paying attention and wanting to be a part of the conversation.

ADHD is also comorbid with {ASD} in a lot of cases.

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