Man-made horrors beyond our comprehension

JavaScript is a language reportedly made in 11 days. And I love it.

It has this interesting "event loops", where it can wait synchronously for an "event", something like a button press, and then process it. More modern JavaScript can do stuff asynchronously, using the async and await commands.

JS has evolved out of browsers and into the wider world, where it now serves, with the help of runtimes like Node.js and Deno, as a webserver, a video game backend, and many other wierd use cases.

Hello World in Node.js

console.log("Hello World");

Recursive factorial in Node.js

function factorial(n) {
    // inline ternary, different from python's in that it has the condition first.
    return n == 1 ? 1 : factorial(n - 1)

// format strings are extemely helpful for building out verbose logging.
console.log(`The factorial of 5 is ${factorial(5)}`)

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