Stickers - Random Thoughts

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~ "My stickers!"

I'm going to start a little series of random thought posts, so enjoy the first.

Stickers are such a staple in hacker culture, and I'm on a car ride without internet, so let me just talk about s t i c k e r s.

Why do we like them?

Well, what are stickers? Stickers are an easy to make and use object that can have almost any design. I have a ton! They are fun and colorful and are pretty on a laptop or phone.

But like why?

For me, and for many people I know, stickers are like a poster board of identity. When you think about it, they're weird. When you're using a device you aren't looking at the side with stickers (unless you're doing something very wrong), so the stickers are less for you (even though they look amazing), and more for the others around you.

That's why we love stickers. They are a way to broadcast who are you are and what you stand for. They're little posters for your devices!

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