AI Disclosure

A description is directly below this image, prefaced by a tilde.

~ "AI does not run on this"

If you found this on a page that means one or more of the following conditions have been met.

Part of this content was written with the help of Github's Copilot or OpenAI's GPT-3.
The content of this page can be considered can be considered to be neither being wholly generated by a human nor wholly generated by an AI. Upon generating draft text, I (a human, I think) manually reviewed, edited, and revised every output to my own liking and take ultimate responsibility for the content of this repository.

You can learn more about OpenAI at openai.com and safety best practices followed at beta.openai.org/docs/safty-best-practices.

And you can learn about Copilot at CoPilot.

This disclosure was heavily inspired by melody's AI Disclosure.

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